If you have a brick driveway, you may be debating if you should seal it or not. If you live in the Chicago area, the answer is yes. This area is known for its extreme weather, and you want you brick driveway to look as good as the day you had it put in for years to come. This article will go over the top seven reason why you should seal your brick driveway.

sealing helps with repelling water

1. Sealing Helps with Repelling Water

If your area sees a lot of water, whether it’s from rain, sleet, or snow, you want a barrier between your brick patio and the elements. This sealer will provide a thin layer to stop the water from coming through and damaging the integrity of your brick driveway. It will also repel surface water, so it won’t be able to sink between the bricks and cause problems. This repellent will help create a stable, beautiful driveway for years to come.


Enhances the Driveways Look

2. Enhances the Driveway’s Look

A nice coat of sealant will enhance your brick driveway’s look. The sealant will bring out the natural beauty and patterns that are etched into the brick itself. It will provide shine, and there is a noticeable difference between an unsealed and a sealed brick patio. There are also options to add a sheen to your driveway that makes it look wet all of the time. This sheen is highly sought after by many homeowners.


Sealing Your BrickDriveway Strengthens It

3. Sealing Your Brick Driveway Strengthens It

Once you apply a coat of sealant, your brick driveway is protected from things like water, ice, or general wear and tear damage. This sealant will stop any moisture from getting into your brick. If there is less moisture getting into your driveway, there is less of a chance that your brick will crack or crumble. This will save you money because you won’t be replacing it nearly as often as you would have been if it wasn’t sealed.


Stops Grass and Weed Growth

4. Stops Grass and Weed Growth

If your brick driveway is sealed, it there won’t be any grass or weeds growing up through the bricks. Not only will this increase the overall aesthetic appeal, but it’ll also stop your driveway from shifting. The more grass and weeds the come through the driveway, the less stable it will be. You want your driveway to last, and it won’t last as long if the grass destroys it. You have to make it impossible for the grass or weeds to grow in the first place, and sealing your driveway will do that. It’ll fill in all of the small cracks that grass thrives in, and prevent it from coming back and causing your driveway to buckle.

Sealing Makes Cleaning Easier

5. Sealing Makes Cleaning Easier

If you’ve even tried to sweep a cracked brick surface, you know how difficult this can be. Once you seal it, it’ll smooth out all of the rough areas and the possible cracks. This will make sweeping it an easy task. It will also make spraying it off to clean it easier because you won’t have to worry about moisture getting into the cracks and sitting on the brick. A good sealant can also act as a stain repellent. It will repel oil, grease, grime, and general buildup. The stains will wash off leaving a beautiful brick driveway in their wake.

Sealing Locks Your Bricks Into Place

6. Sealing Locks Your Bricks Into Place

When a new brick driveway is put down, it is set in a sandy area. More sand is poured into the joints to hold the bricks in place. If you apply a sealant coat over the sand joints, it will lock your driveway bricks into place. This sealant will act as a barrier so you won’t lose any sand from the brick’s joints. Normal wear and tear is a good cause of this sand loss, long with extreme weather conditions, and certain cleaning processes.


MakesYour Driveway Stand up to Harsh Weather Conditions

7. Makes Your Driveway Stand up to Harsh Weather Conditions

If you live in an area known for it’s harsh weather conditions, it is a good idea to seal your driveway. Ice, sleet, snow, and rain can all do a huge amount of damage to your unsealed driveway. You want to protect it as much as you can and extend it’s life. A sealer will stop the snow, sleet, and ice from sitting directly on top of your brick driveway, and this will prevent wear. It also prevents any mold or mildew buildup between and under the bricks from the moisture that is brought on by these conditions.

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