16 Dec

Brick paving in Oak Lawn, IL is a wonderful way to change the way your home, office or neighborhood looks. We provide a variety of services that can completely change the way your property appears. You may not know what you need in brick paving, but we have professionals on staff who can help you plan a design that is going to look perfect.

Your Patio

Your patio out back is hard to take care of if it is made of standard materials. These flat patios have gunk build up on them, and they are impossible to clean. We can come to your home and create a patio that is made exclusively of bricks and brick patterns. We can set up the bricks in any style you like, and we can use any color brick you like. We will make the bricks match your home, and your patio will stand for decades without any trouble.

Your Driveway

We can turn your driveway into something that looks like the finish line at the Indianapolis 500. A brick driveway is much easier to clean, much safer to walk on and looks far better on your property. The value of your home will instantly increase if you have a brick driveway, and you will greatly improve the outer appearance of your home.


The sidewalks in your community or by your office will benefit greatly if they are made of brick. These sidewalks are much easier to clear when there is ice and snow, and they make the community look much more sophisticated. Your clients will walk down a paved brick walkway to their meeting with you, and they will be instantly impressed.

Retaining Walls

When you need to use a retaining wall at home or near your business, you should not put up wood that is going to rot over time. A brick retaining wall will never break down, and it is impossible to tear down once it is built. You will improve the appearance of the space while protecting your land from minor landslides.

Sealer Coating

When we install any wall or patio for you, we are going to put down a sealer coating that is going to prevent your bricks from becoming waterlogged. The sealant helps extend the life of the bricks, and it helps maintain the color. For each and every service above, we have a way to make the bricks stand for a lifetime.

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