Our latest project we did in Highland Park, Chicago Il. It was made of brick pavers and current owner wanted to build a retaning wall across his building to get all benefits from it. If you have a contoured property, you may want to invest in a retaining wall for many reasons. Learn about all the potential benefits that a retaining wall can provide for your yard, your home and your life.

brick retaining wall Prevents Erosion

Prevents Erosion

If you have sloped areas on your property, you may be struggling with runoff problems. Installing a retaining wall can be an excellent way to provide support for soil to avoid runoff. By using a retaining wall to border a hill or slope, you create a flat service, and soil does not continue to erode on the downward incline.



brick retaining wall prevents sink holes

Prevents Sink Holes

Sink holes can develop over time in geographical areas where water slowly dissolves carbonate rock, creating a hole under the surface area. Sink holes may be small or large, depending on the speed of the deterioration. By installing retaining walls, you may be able to redirect water drainage on your property to prevent accumulation of rainfall in susceptible areas.



 brick retaining wall Eliminates Unsightly Dirt Piles

Eliminates Unsightly Dirt Piles

Whether you have a hill of soil or sand from a construction project or a natural area that has not been used to grow grass, plants or other vegetation, random dirt piles can be unsightly on any property. A retaining wall can be an excellent way to turn those unused areas into usable gardens or grassy spots for relaxation.



brick retaining wall Beautifies Your Propert

 Beautifies Your Property

If your yard has natural slopes, you can use this terrain as a great foundation to create a unique and beautiful landscape. Professionals can help you build a lovely retaining wall that can serve as a centerpiece in your backyard or a complex design of tiered walls that can show off an exquisite flower garden.



brick retaining wall Prevents Flooding

Prevents Flooding

Spring rains in the Midwest can occasionally cause flooding in certain areas, leading to expensive property damage. Homeowners who live in flood-prone areas may want to consider investing in a retaining wall, which can not only hold soil in place, but can be designed to prevent flooding during heavy downpours.



brick retaining wall Reduces Yard Maintenance

Reduces Yard Maintenance

Although some homeowners love to spend their weekends outside working on their yard, landscape and gardens, many others prefer to spend their free time in other activities. You can still own a neat and tidy property by carefully planning low-maintenance features such as a retaining wall. They do not need to be watered or trimmed; they simply add to the beauty of your yard.



brick retaining wall Prevents-Damage To Nearby Structures

Prevents Damage To Nearby Structures

If a home or structure is located on lower ground compared to surrounding land, there is danger that the soil or higher elevation area can collapse or slowly slide into the building, causing damage or structural problems. By investing in a retaining wall, you can hold back this higher level ground and protect your existing building or structure.



 brick retaining wall Increases Home Value

Increases Home Value

The exterior of a home and surrounding yard is often the first thing that potential home buyers see when they drive up to a home that is on the market. If you are considering selling your property in the future, a retaining wall can be an excellent investment by adding to your home’s value and aesthetic appearance.



 brick retaining wall reshape slopes

Reshapes Slopes

When the natural contours of your yard just don’t seem quite right to you, adding retaining walls can help you create the look you’d like to see. By working with a professional, you may be able to move around backfill, changing the slopes and contours of your property to be an eye-catching place to be.



brick retaining wall Serves As Natural Decor

Serves As Natural Decor

If the natural slopes of your property are near your home, you may be able to incorporate a retaining wall as part of your patio or barbecue pit area. Designed well, a brick retaining wall can do double duty as an outside shelf for plants, picnic supplies or yard games. Outdoor lighting can be incorporated near or into a retaining wall itself as well.



brick retaining wall fights Gravity

Fights Gravity

When your property has an area where the lateral pressure of a slope is applying undue force to another area, you may want to consider a retaining wall to balance and fight gravity to make sure land slides and erosion are avoided. Professionals can help ensure that your retaining wall is properly designed and built.



 brick retaining wall creates usable land garden

Creates Usable Land

You may be familiar with older, tightly built neighborhoods where homes are set up on a hill with a steep incline down to the street level. It can be difficult to find a spot for a flower or vegetable garden on such a steep surface. A brick paving retaining wall can be built to give homeowners more usable land that is flat instead of hilly, making it easier to plant and landscape even on a small property.



 brick retaining wall Diverts And Uses Rainwater

Diverts And Uses Rainwater

By using an innovative design in building a brick retaining wall like we did in Chicago, you might be able to divert rainwater to useful purposes in your home gardens and grass turf. Use a retaining wall to direct rainwater into a collection system, which can then be used to water your garden and lawn.




brick retaining wall Creates A Sitting Area

Creates A Sitting Area

Most retaining walls are low and can become a popular spot in the yard to talk, read or relax. Create an easy place to sit and watch the birds, your children or the sunset without any extra investment in yard furniture.





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